In the last post, commenter Arkhangel had a great idea: bring back Deep In The Count! For the unfamiliar, DITC (yes, the acronym was a deliberate reference) was a postseason baseball blog I edited in 2006 for a magazine I worked for at the time, and I brought in some great writers — Wrecking Crew author John Albert; counterinsurgency luminary Erin Simpson in first pre-Abu Muqawama blogging appearance; Prime Minister Pete Nice from 3rd Bass; was thisclose from getting Jim Bouton — to cover each game. The idea was simple: you write something you think is relevant to the match-up, forecasting as you want, and then preside over livebloggery in the comments. It’s too big a job for one blogger, and if you just have one blogger, you’re at the mercy of his/her prejudices, and you all know mine.

So: who wants in? You’ll need to commit to writing a brief post that I’ll edit & publish and then hang out in comments. If you’re interested, email me at sackerman-at-washingtonindependent-dot-com. I mean, you could just read Deadspin, but they’re not going to let you blog, are they?

Also: be patient with me if I don’t immediately reply, as I’ve got a pretty busy day today, plus, you know, a day job. And if someone else has already claimed a game you wanted, don’t worry, I’ll get you for the next one. (Unless your team has been eliminated. But you see what I’m trying to say.)