Oh Azzam the American, you fucking fool. I have such a long history with you, including tracking down your old imam — you know, the one you called a “Jew” because he, like, disapproves of murdering innocents? — and your old metalhead friends and talking about how you were into Cannibal Corpse. And now, you motherfucker, you are caught. (Facts of the arrest are still unclear, so I’m not gonna say anything about a ‘Pakistani shift’ for a variety of reasons — getting an al-Qaeda capture is something different than providing Afghan Taliban but whatever — still, no matter what: thank you Pakistan.)

You’re an American citizen, a Californian and a traitor. So even though the Bush administration’s Justice Department indicted you in 2006 (PDF), wait for the roll-out of claims that you should be tried in a military commission or held in indefinite detention or something. Flashback:

In a Washington news conference announcing the charges, Deputy Attorney General Paul J. McNulty said that the treason charge “is not one that we bring lightly” but that “this is the right case for this charge.”

“Adam Gadahn is an American citizen who made a choice — he chose to join our enemy and to provide it with aid and comfort by acting as a propagandist for al-Qaeda,” McNulty said, adding later: “Today’s indictment should serve as notice that the United States will protect itself against all enemies, foreign and domestic. . . . Betrayal of our country will bring severe consequences.”

I, personally, want to see you on the day you’re sentenced.

Update, 7:56 p.m.: Sigh, the New York Times says initial reports were wrong and Gadahn is not actually the guy apprehended. False metal continues.