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Sheila, Take A Bow

I read this Megan Carpentier post and was clapping to myself by the third sentence. Racial resentment, Geraldine [Ferraro], is racism. Why can’t you see that? People coming up to you and complaining that they can’t complain about black people is them… Read on

Was She Asking For It?

KITTY HAWK, NC — Dear Richard Blakeley, There really aren’t enough curse words to capture precisely what a tiny-cocked piece of shit you are. Dear Nick Denton, Is someone who expounds upon the virtues of date rape the sort of person… Read on

He Was An Animal

KITTY HAWK, NC — So the Bushies are, unsurprisingly, pushing back on Scott McClellan’s story about Bush pretending to not remember doing cocaine. A close former aide to President Bush has come forward to emphatically rebut Scott McClellan’s allegation that Bush… Read on