Hi from an undisclosed beachlike area, where many of your favorite and least-favorite bloggers, artists, technerds, lawyers, communications professionals and policy wonks are enjoying a much-needed respite. I’m deeply grateful to Shani, Megan, Scott and Erin for holding this place down while I’m away. Because this week is a hell of a week to try to stay on vacation, as the Flotilla Debacle stirs every compulsion I have to work. Still, I’m going to resist, because I really do need a break — especially after a long essay on Israel, American Jews, liberalism and American evangelicals that I thought I had banked needed to be substantially rewritten after Operation: HydroFUBAR. That’s in its final stages; I’ll post it here after it’s out; and then I want to close the laptop and not reopen it until I’m back in Washington, content here with the new Kenzaburo Oe novel and the omnibus Walking Dead for my reading needs.

Until then, here are a couple links that will enrich your life.

My friend Una Moore is pioneering a new kind of counterinsurgency-era combat reporting. Instead of embedding with combatants, she embedded with the Afghanistan Human Rights and Democracy Organization for a rare view of peace- and justice-building in a conflict zone. Her most recent dispatch is particularly haunting, but read the whole series.

Amir Mirzoch of the Jerusalem Post has a wonderful and dispassionate post at Danger Room about the impact of social-media asymmetry in the Flotilla raid. For something less dispassionate, I recommend Peter Beinart’s Daily Beast column.

OK, now I have page proofs for the Israel/flotilla essay, so I’ve got to read those now. See you this weekend.